Redskins Cheerleader Swimsuit Party - The DC Sports Page

The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders had a party at a DC area nightclub Friday night to celebrate the premiere of the 2009 Swimsuit calendar. The Sports Freak and I attended as fans of both the team and the cheerleaders.

There seemed to be confusion from the get go. Earlier in the week, I checked the website of the seo experts sydney establishment to get some details. They were scarce, except for a $20 entry fee. I thought this was odd and contemplated not going. Then our friend Q forwarded an e-mail that said entry was free from 5-7 PM.

So off we went. I arrived 20 minutes before the Sports Freak. There seemed to be some holdup as a number of fans were held outside the party. I finally figured it out as they were not allowing anyone with an SLR camera in. Later on, they did, only on the caveat that they remove their cameras by 7 PM, when only the official photographer was allowed. Luckily, all I had on me was your standard pocket digital. Unlucky for some, like one of the fans who was wearing shorts. That was another no-no. His brother went through the pat down before realizing he couldn't get in. After some discussion about where to get a pair of pants, the older brother, who was wearing slacks, asked younger if he needed to go with him. When the younger answered, "Yes", the older was fuming. Off they walked for about half a block before I heard a very loud expletive yelled at the top of the older's voice. Good times, at least for me. A minute later, the Sports Freak arrived. 

When we got in, it seemed somewhat slow. There were maybe 6 or 7 cheerleaders, to about 20 or so fans. The Sports Freak and I surveyed the room and mingled for about 20 minutes. But at the end, we opted to leave. Not because the party was slow, as it would probably pick up after 7 PM when the official unveiling would begin. More so, that we felt somewhat uncomfortable with some of the other fans. They seemed too excited to be there. Hey, I like to look at attractive women, but some of the fans seemed to be expecting more. Let's just leave it at that. BTW - another factor in our leaving was that the cheerleaders were not wearing their swimsuits. Maybe that would occur later, but with the climate at that moment, we opted to leave.

On top of this, the lighting they had running in this bar screwed with our picture taking capabilities. Maybe I should have brought the SLR. Then of course, I would have been delayed getting in.