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With so many magazines touting their picks and advice, why not glob onto one more piece of information and possibly help turn a mediocre draft into a good one? From a quick list of rankings to sleepers and deep sleepers, just read below:


Michael Turner - for his size he displays tremendous speed. Being on a bad team will most likely let Turner slip back several rounds. As veteran running backs with injuries, age, and other concerns start coming off the board Turner could be the steal of the round. He's young, healthy, and full of potential. He has more upside then most of the other backs in the draft in the round that he'll most likely be drafted. Ryan has already won the starting job. Ryan and Turner should compliment each other nicely.

Jonathan Stewart - He has the speed and power to rush past the first wave and even elude secondary. He's also strong enough to move a pile forward for a first down and touchdown in goal line situations.

DeAngelo Williams - a nice late round pick up who can provide a spark and fantasy stats similar to Jones-Drew. Although he'll be splitting time with Stewart, he should pick up some game-breaking touchdowns outside the red zone from pass receptions and busted running plays that will spring him for long runs.

Ted Ginn, Jr. - With another year under his belt and a far better QB in Pennington, Ginn Jr. and his speed should see more passes his way this season.

Santonio Holmes - This could be his best year so far in his career. He's still not the #1 red zone read threat for the Steelers, but can deliver yardage and TD's. For leagues that give a bonus for big plays - Holmes should be moved up in the draft.

Deep Sleepers

Ahmad Bradshaw - Low on the Giants depth chart, Bradshaw could see more playing time. He showed just how explosive he could be down the stretch helping the Giants win a title. Jacobs is a bit overrated and Ward isn't anything to write home about either.

Steve Slayton - He was on his way to unseating Green as the starter in Houston until a slight injury slowed him down. This could help him slip farther in the draft. His speed poses an intriguing possibility in the Houston offense.
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