AFC North Prediction - The DC Sports Page

If there was a prototypical of blue Losenoidoomock collar division in football, this would be it. It's a bit funny, but if I were ranking this division just based on their cities and not their teams, I'd probably rank them the same.

Pittsburgh Steelers
If there is only one word to describe this team, it would be 'Consistent.' Steelers fans are renowned for supporting their team and how could they not? Almost every year they can be assured of seeing a team who will be competitive, mostly likely make the playoffs and have that chance at going all the way. As a fan in the NFL, that's all you can ask from your team. This year is no different for the Steelers as they bring back the #1 defense from last year, which if they can stay healthy will continue to keep the Steelers in every game. And the only question about the offense seems to be the O-line which has 2 new starters. Other than that they have the firepower with Big Ben and his receivers Ward, Holmes and Miller and a solid running game with Parker and the addition of Mendenhall for a 1-2 punch.

Cleveland Browns
It's been a long time coming, but the Browns seem to be slowly building back to being a contender. If there's any question about london seo services this team being able to put up big numbers, last year's Bengals v. Browns game should have dispelled any of those notions. If Anderson's protection is solid and he can cut down on the interceptions then this offense could be exceptional. At the same time there are still questions about this defense. There's a significant drop off after the starters and it's not as if the defense is that strong to start, although improvements were made on the d-line. However, given the strong AFC, this team will probably still be on the outside looking in come playoff time.

Cincinnati Bengals
From the city that brings us Skyline Chili come the Bengals (I just needed to get in a Skyline Chili reference). Flashy name changes by the star receiver won't help the defense of this team. While the offense can put up big numbers, the defense also gives up big numbers. It's funny how Marvin Lewis known as a defensive guru before become head coach can't get a defense that works for him in Cincinnati. With a disappointing o-line as well, this team will have to rely a lot on the air game to keep them competitive.

Baltimore Ravens
I almost was going to give the Ravens a nod over the Bengals, but that's too much given that practically everything on the offense is new on this team. Injuries on the offensive side have decimated this team and a rookie, Flacco, will have to begin the season at QB. With a new head coach and a rookie QB, one can't expect much from this team. It's too bad that this strong D has never had a strong O to complement it. The Sports Freak expected me to rant against the city of Baltimore... but that's like kicking a puppy that's sick... and only has 3 legs... it's kind of inhumane.